Spreebären - Events

Regular events of the Spreebären:

Spreebären Logo ® Weekly Meeting
The Spreebären meet every Thursday starting at 8:00 pm. for their bar night.
This meeting is held at the bar "Der neue Oldtimer" (during the warmer months) or at the bar "Prinzknecht".

All bears and bear lovers are always very welcome!

From October 4, 2018 we meet every Thursday starting at 8:00 pm.
at the bar "Prinzknecht" (see Addresses).


Other Events (not organized by the Spreebären):



Hollerhof camp-fire
Bearish meeting "Hofcafé" at "Hollerhof"

mostly on 1st Saturday of a month, starting at 2:30 pm.

Several times a year the "Hofcafé" is presented by "Hollerhof" (a gay farm project at Klein-Mutz, a village near Zehdenick, about 60 km north of Berlin).
In the afternoon coffee, tea and cake are offered and in the evening the bears will have dinner together (stew in the cold months, but in summer steaks and sausages are grilled and salads are offered). The meeting closes with a camp-fire.

Some of the Spreebären and many other mostly bearish men visit the Hollerhof regularly to share a good time.

No Registration necessary!
Price: You only pay for what you eat and drink.

For further information see www.hollerhof.de.

Hollerhof, Häsener Straße 5, 16792 Zehdenick (Klein-Mutz) - Map (© OpenStreetMap contributors)
Phone: 03307 4999622.

Here you find photos of the bear fest 2012 at Hollerhof.

The next dates will be announced at the end of February.

BBB-Party - Bears, Beards, and Beer - Berlin BBB-Party - "Bears, Beards, and Beer" in Berlin

Several dates per year - see web site

Unshaved-Party - Berlin "Unshaved" - Party for bearded, hairy men in Berlin

Organized by HUGS e.V.

Several dates per year - see web site

Männerfabrik Männerfabrik, Oldenburg

Regular Dance event at "Alhambra",
on the 3rd Saturday of a month, 10:00 pm.

The next dates:
February 16, 2019
March 16, 2019 - End of "Hibearnation"
April 20, 2019 - "Fetish Special"
May 18, 2019
June 15, 2019
July 20, 2019
August 17, 2019 - "Fetish Special"
September 21, 2019
October 19, 2019 - "OctoBearFest"
November 16, 2019
December 21, 2019

Bear Meeting Stuttgart 2019 Stuttgarter Bären:

Bear Meeting Stuttgart 2019

May 30 - June 2, 2019

Bear Summer Berlin Bear Summer Berlin

June 21 - 22, 2019

For more info see http://www.bearsummer.de
and https://www.facebook.com/bearsummerberlin

Cologne Pride 2019 "Cologne Pride 2019"

Program: June 22 - July 7, 2019

Christopher Street Day Köln 2019

Street Festival: July 5 - 7, 2019

Parade: July 7, 2019

Lesbian and Gay City Festival Berlin 2019 27th Lesbian and Gay City Festival Berlin

July 20 - 21, 2019

CSD Berlin 2019 Christopher Street Day Berlin 2019

July 27, 2019 - 12:00 am. - Kurfürstendamm

Folsom Europe Berlin Folsom Europe Berlin

September 11 - 15, 2019

Leipzig Bear Weekend 2019 Leipzig Bären:

Leipzig Bear Weekend 2019

October 11 - 13, 2019